End and Start

Date: 19/12/2006 | Author: Dave

That's it. Tour finished. Just short of 10 years with Rob. Fantastic last show. I do wish the band could play with that much enthusiasm all the time. I really enjoyed myself finally. A few folk showed their true colours at the end. I told you they were self-destructuing, didn't I. Anyway Claire, I stand by what I said. "I wouldn't swap you for all......" I alone listened to the multi-tracks, nearly every day. I know what was going on! And there is nearly 3000GB of it archived. Can't argue with that can they. We all seem to need an end of tour rant. Why is that? That's it. Tour finished.
Melbourne lived up to it's reputation as a great city. Bart and I spent a great night out with the lovely boys and gorgeous Connie from Sneaky Sound System. Bart and I rated the soon to close Honkey Tonks as possibly the nicest club we have been to. It gives me a very warm glow when Australia treats us this well.
Anyway, work, that is all behind me now. Family Family Family. My lovely girls get all my attention from this point forward. Off to Tasmania today. A lot of excitement as Ella and Florence head toward their cousins.

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