Date: 20/12/2006 | Author: Gabby

After staying in cheap motels & cabins on our 4 day road trip we arrived in Melbourne to stay in the luxury of the Langham hotel where Robbie & all the band & crew were staying. I really don't hotels like that (even though the beds & bedding are the ultimate in luxury) - you can't open the windows so have no idea of how warm or cold it is outside, ordering a glass of wine by the pool is a chore. Anyway - the girls loved it. We went to see Kylie's last show in Melbourne - I felt quite choked as she came on the stage after all she has been through. A great theatrical show that the kids thought was great! I went to Rob's last show (without kids - Florence always falls asleep anyway!) on our last night there. We went to the end of tour party which was fun - it was good to see people let their hair down & catch up with the band & crew for the very last last time. Now the tour is over the trip really begins - we'll all have Dave's undivided attention.......or will we?

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