Meeting Cambodian Children

Date: 24/04/2007 | Author: Florence

We have left Laos now and are in Cambodia. We flew to Siem Reap which is near the Angkor temples. Angkor is very old. Some of the temples are over 1000 years old, they are broken and all of the Buddha's heads have fallen down. Angkor Wat is one of the seven wonders of the world. Nearly one million people lived in and around the temples when London was just huts. Children sell things around the temples so that they can buy food to be healthy. At the top of one of the temples was a little boy called Chai. We bought some bracelets from him and gave him a book and a compass. Chai was very smart. He could say words like "lovely jubly" and "top banana". Chai was 12 years old and very small but a lot of Cambodian children look small for their age because they didn't eat much when they were little.
Then we went to a cafe near Angkor Wat. Lots of children followed us so we played with them till our breakfast was ready. We drew pictures and gave them some. We gave one of the girls our bracelet and made boxes for other children. They gave us postcards that they were selling and wrote us lots of notes.
Next we went to an orphanage. The children sleep in the same place as their classroom. When we visited them they were having a maths lesson. It costs $20 to feed all of the 40 children for a day. When we go out to dinner we pay at least twice that amount.
It was so hot that the swimming pool in our hotel was like a bath so we decided to go to some beaches instead. Next stop Sihanoukville.

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