Our 3 walks

Date: 28/12/2006 | Author: Florence

First we went on a medium rated walk, we had to go in to the forest for some of it.
Second we went on an easy rated walk - most of it was a boardwalk but it was a very long walk - it was 9km long. I walked most of it on my own. Daddy carried me for a little bit right at the end. I fell asleep after the walk because I was so tired.
That evening we went on a spotlight tour in a jeep. We were hoping to see lots of wild animals and we did! We saw wombats, a quoll (these a very rare and extinct everywhere but Tasmania), wallabies, roufus wallabies and lots of possums. One possum even tried to come in to our cabin that night!
On our 3rd walk we saw lots of waterfalls.
I liked Cradle Mountain a lot. I enjoyed all the walking and seeing lots of wild animals.

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