The drive to Melbourne.....

Date: 21/12/2006 | Author: Florence

On the first day of our drive we stopped at a zoo called Symbio. We fed kangaroos. There was a greedy goose who ran after us trying to get the kangaroo food. Ella said it was scary. I did too. We saw a koala, a Tasmanian devil, two emus, a wombat, and many more Australian animals. The first night we stayed at Mollymook. There was a place called Mollymook golf club where we had dinner. We had a nice house with a big balcony. Our house was very near to the sea.
Our second night we stayed at Eden. We have got a friend called Eden so we bought some things for her with her name on it. It was very fun! We went on a boat trip we saw a seal and lots of dolphins. It was a lot of fun! We made a new friend. Then we carried on with our drive.
Next we stopped at a town called Sale. It was funny because it said that on most of the shops. We had a very nice cabin. We liked it but there were lots of flies. In Melbourne we stayed at a posh hotel. Last night we went to Kylie's show. It was much better than Robbie Williams show. I loved all her costumes. I liked the red one the best when she was coming down on the moon. We left early because we were tired. I wished I could see the end but I had to go to bed.

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