A Week in Sydney

Date: 21/03/2007 | Author: Ella

We are now in Sydney again but this time we're here things didn't go quite so well.......
............we first arrived in Sydney quite excited, looking forward to the Beach House at Collaroy which was our next spot to stay. But after one night Mum started to complain but I didn't blame her. Our room was small, dirty, dark and was smelly so we moved. This time the room was bigger and had a fridge but it still wasn't great. To make matters worse the fire alarm went off at about 5.30 in the morning, so we had to rush out of bed and assemble with the other people outside the Beach House. Luckily, it was only a mosquito coil but it made us so grumpy as we went back to bed. But that was the final straw for Mum so as soon as we woke up properly we packed our bags and were on our way to Manly Lodge right next to the beach in an area called Manly. It was much more interesting there. We went to the beach every morning before breakfast. We went to play in fountains whenever we got really hot, but the most exciting thing about Manly was our big sister Jess visited us with her best friend, Beck, and her boyfriend, Matt. They stayed with us in Manly Lodge for one night and it was sad to see them go because I don't regularly see her.
While we were in Manly the Harbour Bridge had it's 75th anniversary so there were lots of activities around the harbour. One of the activities was the working boat race and Florence, Mum, Dad and I were in it! It was just a race around the harbour but it was lots of fun.
Our week in Sydney quickly came to an end but before we left, Mum and Dad took us for a special treat to Luna Park. Luna Park is the best theme park in Australia. We had loads of fun there but soon had to leave and go to the airport to take the aeroplane to Thailand!

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