Cradle Mountain

Date: 28/12/2006 | Author: Ella

Walking in Tasmania
We went to Cradle Mountain on Boxing day. Cradle Mountain is a mountain that has a big dip in it so it looks like a baby's cradle. We stayed in a little cabin & went walking every day.
On our first day we went on a medium rated walk and we had to follow all man made things ( such as orange triangles, pink and blue ribbons and painted sticks) which prevented us from getting lost.
On the second day we went on an easy rated walk, mostly along boardwalks. People called me the little mountain goat because I was skipping along that path so fast. That walk was 9km and I was tired out after it.
On our 3rd day we went on a hard rated walk. For the 1st kilometre we went with Florence and Granny Pad, after that they headed back to the lodge as we knew they wouldn't be able to finish - Granny had a big blister from yesterday's walk & Florence has little legs. We walked on! This was a really hard task, we had to do a lot of climbing and scrambling over rocks. I liked it because I was the only child in the group ( me, mum, dad, gran & da) and I like being on my own with grown ups.
I liked Cradle Mountain because there was so much to do and Florence and I could use our walkie talkies so much.

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