Sydney... to Melbourne.

Date: 19/12/2006 | Author: Ella

We were in Sydney for one week and had so much fun. My dad had flown to Melbourne for work and had left Florence, Me, Granny and Mummy on our own for a few days. We went to many places, including the Australian Museum where we learnt about indigenous Australians, (aboriginals). I recorded some facts and here are two:
Religion; When the British came they thought that because the Aboriginals didn't have churches or altars they had no religion.
The Rainbow Serpent; The Rainbow Serpent is a consistent theme in Aboriginal painting and has been found in rock art up to 6000 years old.
We drove to Melbourne on the princes highway. It took three days. After an hours drive we stopped at a small wildlife park called Simbio. We fed some kangaroos there. In the kangaroo enclosure there was a mad goose. It was obviously hungry because it chased me when I was giving out the food!
The next night we stayed in a town called Mollymook. It had a lovely beach. Florence and I enjoyed climbing on the rocks in the sea.
The second night we stayed in a motel in a town called Eden. In Eden we went on a boat cruise to see if we could see some sea mammals and we did. One happy seal and a whole pod of dolphins that swam and raced with the boat.
On our third day we stayed at a caravan park and had a great dinner at a very smart restaurant, (yum yum). The caravan park was in a town called Sale.
The next day we arrived in Melbourne but just before we got there my mum got a speeding ticket!

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